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New generation Enterprise edition

Enterprise archiving with Active Digital Preservation

Our new generation Enterprise edition is purpose designed to ensure the long-term security, accessibility and authenticity of your most critical digital assets

Rethink the way you manage & protect your long-term data

Purpose designed for the most demanding compliance, security, integration and scalability needs, new generation Enterprise edition includes an intuitive yet powerful interface and our unique Active Digital Preservation™ software that automatically ensures high value, long-term data is kept secure and always readable over decades.

Keep digital assets secure for the long-term

Purpose built for long-term data security with Private Cloud & multi-tenant options on an ISO27001 certified platform

Upload & manage your data at scale

An intuitive UI, dedicated performance and scalability for managing large archival collections up to PB scale

Ensure your data is always readable

Eliminate data obsolescence. Automatically maintain records in the latest readable formats over decades with Active Digital Preservation™

Leverage the power of AI & Machine Learning

Enrich, classify, transcribe, redact and augment your data using AI/ML services via our advanced webhook APIs

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Keep high-value digital assets secure for the long-term

Enterprise is secure by design, with data encryption at rest and in transit, along with 2-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On (SSO) as standard. Our dedicated cyber security team ensure the highest standards are met for security and privacy including ISO 27001; SOC 2 Type 2 & Cyber Essentials Plus. Preservica’s product, engineering & operational teams ensure highest levels of quality, accessibility & Digital Preservation standards.

Eliminate the risk of data & file format obsolescence

Preservica’s unique Active Digital Preservation™ continuously protects your long-term data from file format obsolescence, automatically bringing data back to life and keeping it in always readable formats. Prove the authenticity of your data with checksums, audit trails and full context metadata for every file, and decommission expensive legacy systems with confidence, saving both cost and overhead.

Quickly upload & manage your data at scale

With an intuitive user interface and dedicated performance and scalability, Enterprise is the perfect choice for managing large archival collections up to PB scale. Upload options include easy “drag & drop” of large files (up to 50GB) and high-volume upload of TBs of data. Flexibly manage and enrich your archive with deep folder structures, grid views, custom metadata and bulk metadata actions. For ultimate peace of mind, Enterprise has a no-fee Exit service and an optional data backup escrow.

Secure self-service discovery & access for your communities

Provide instant access and engage online audiences with a secure & customizable portal, with optional IIIF compliant viewing for deep zoom & pan on high-res image. Enterprise gives you the power to easily & securely control how you share your content, including password protection and a private/public switch. Control access and actions down to an individual asset level with fully configurable user roles and permissions.

Easily integrate with AI/ML services and your wider ecosystem

Extend and integrate Enterprise into your content ecosystem with seamless data exchange and integration with third-party AI/ML solutions and other software applications. These models can be integrated into the platform to process content from Preservica and provide advanced analytics, content classification, and automation of preservation tasks - including Webhook APIs, allowing apps to stay up-to-date with real-time information.

Get dedicated access to data archiving & preservation experts

Every Enterprise edition includes a dedicated expert from our “Customer Experience” team. Each with a deep understanding of archival and records management best-practice who can be considered an extension of your core team. This dedicated resource ensures you get the most value from Enterprise, helping to accelerate projects and solve complex challenges.

Choose a deployment & storage model to fit your needs

New Generation Enterprise is more flexible than ever before, offering a number of deployment and storage options - including a shared services model with the power and scale for Enterprise grade customers, and the extensibility of a dedicated Private Cloud offering. Preservica offers both Azure and AWS with flexible Glacier and deep Glacier storage to reduce archival costs for data that doesn't need to be accessed regularly.

Enterprise edition is trusted by 100’s of organizations world-wide

Meeting modern information needs for archival records

The Bank of England implemented Preservica Enterprise Edition to ensure the integrity, accessibility & continued readability of permanent EDRMS records which may be made publicly available after 20 years.

“Critical digital information is being created every day, at high volume. Preservica helps us govern information over the long-term and integrates with our existing systems to give a single, cohesive view of our most important information assets.”

Tina Staples, Head of Global Archives, HSBC

“Records integrity is vitally important for us because we are responsible for preservation of the records of former Prime Ministers and the Cabinet.”

David Canning, Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management at the Cabinet Office

“The corporate archive is an invaluable long-term resource for the Associated Press. With Preservica, people are astounded by the speed we can now provide information to the organization. That accessibility has proved to be indispensable and is really valued by our stakeholders.”

Valerie Komor, Director, AP Corporate Archives

“When I joined the company it became clear that our unique history and brand heritage was spread across different locations, systems and types of media. This put our digital assets at risk of being lost or becoming obsolete.”

Lovisa Kragerud, Corporate Archivist & Chief Storyteller, The Absolut Company

“We're handling and preserving our records using Preservica to engage people in both the history of the railway and in Network Rail's role in delivering a 21st century railway infrastructure.”

Vicky Stretch, Archivist, Network Rail

“Business collections from the archive are underused for brand inspiration, and it’s critical to look at what we’ve done in the past to inform what we’re doing today.”

Anne Archer, Head of BT Group Archives, BT

New Generation Enterprise Datasheet

Our New Generation Enterprise edition is purpose designed to ensure the long-term security, accessibility and authenticity of your most critical digital assets - download the datasheet here.

Preservica’s Enterprise Edition Now Transactable in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Innovative Active Digital Preservation™ archiving solution is now available for direct purchase by customers and partners through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, offering the security, scalability and reliability of Azure to ensure critical long-term digital records are kept secure and accessible over decades.


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