The e-Depot for preserving and protecting long-term electronic records

Ensure the integrity, accessibility and usability of Dutch governmental and non-governmental digital records

Safeguard record accessibility

Ensure the integrity and usability of digital records over decades with OAIS aligned active digital preservation

Enable online public access

Provide secure online public access 24/7 365 days a year for improved transparency and online services

Meet legal obligations and directives

Comply with GDPR and public records obligations for the retention of long-term digital information

Ensure operational continuity

Access records independently of the generating application to ensure continuity in an emergency

Noord-Hollands Archief (NHA)

"Because Preservica is cloud-hosted it does not require a lengthy implementation process which enables us to be productive quickly even while working remotely – a great benefit in the current situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.”

Roomyla Choenni, Programme Manager for Digital Information Management, Noord-Hollands Archief

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Trusted and used by Dutch government institutions

The community of government organizations using Preservica to preserve their digital records is growing across the Netherlands.

Digital preservation and secure immediate access for long-term and historical public records

Preservica's e-Depot is trusted by organisations to preserve a large range of digitized and born-digital record types and formats.

Establish a centralised e-Depot for all your records

Ingest any file format including text, audio-visual, images, emails, social media, websites and 3D files

Mitigate against file format obsolescence with format migration

Automatically generate preservation copies to ensure records are usable at any point in the future

Quickly access records and go beyond just storage

Render files independently without the original application to view and use them easily at any time

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Comply with mandates for preserving permanent social media records

Twitter posts from elected officials, and key government agencies containing press releases, speeches, statements, videos, images and commentary on important topics need to be accessible in perpetuity. This requires Active Digital Preservation

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Start your digital preservation journey today

Ariela Netiv, Director at Heritage Leiden

"With the acquisition of Preservica’s software, we not only now have the ability to store digital archives for future generations, but we can also make them available to the general public via our website so that everyone can discover even more about our past."

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West-Brabants Archief

“We will soon be able to provide online access for both civil servants and citizens, and we’re confident that through using Preservica’s advanced preservation software, we will be able to store, manage and make available our digital archives in the most sustainable way possible for future generations.”

Wim Reijnders, CEO, West-Brabants Archief

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Working together to shape the future of digital preservation

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Join your local community

Preservica's Dutch user community is growing. Become a member and share and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Together they form a lively, supportive group leading the way in digital preservation in the Netherlands.

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Be part of something global

Join hundreds of fellow archivists and digital preservation practitioners, representing organisations of all shapes and sizes from around the world, to share experiences, discuss best practice and shape the future of digital preservation. Watch our short video to see how the Preservica user community responded to new challenges in 2020.

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Contributing to the VNG Realization e-Depot market survey

Started under the direction of VNG Realization, the Sustainably Accessible Op Order (DTOO) project looked at the question of how do municipalities keep digital information permanently accessible. As a leading e-Depot provider in the Netherlands Preservica was proud to contribute to VNG Realization's market survey.

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Working with selected partners to make your digital preservation project a real success

Headquartered in the Netherlands and focused on connecting the dots for customers, Nova et Vetera are specialists in data, information and process management. Their service package is based on a deep understanding of digital preservation in the Dutch market.

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Preservica's cloud-hosted e-Depot is purpose built to industry standards - OAIS ISO 14721 - to ensure the integrity and usability of digital records over decades

Quickly find what you need when you need and respond to public records requests with advanced full-text search

Comprehensive fixity checking, audit trails and downloadable proof reports that ensure the integrity and usability of digital records over decades

Stay in control and provide secure controlled access down to an individual record level

Streamline records and metadata capture with drag & drop upload and intelligent connectors

Common Ground - integrate with your enterprise systems and exchange data using APIs

Ingest, manage and edit descriptive and contextual metadata. Use pre-built schemas, TMLO, ToPX or custom XML schemas

Ensure privacy and meet GDPR and other statutory obligations

Enable public access for selected content and support transparency initiatives and improved FOI services

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Harness the power of APIs to easily exchange data

Our developer community has everything you need to use and learn about our extensive range of open APIs.

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Preserve your records in a secure, reliable and scalable e-Depot.

Preservica has been certified for the very highest levels of security, reliability and performance for government workloads as an AWS Government Competency and Microsoft Azure partner.

Our cloud solutions use self-healing storage with multiple copies replicated across multiple locations.

Protect your data sovereignty AWS Dublin and Azure data centres in the Netherlands and remove your data from Preservica with no cost exit and with no data lock-in.

ry preservica's digital document archiving solution for free

Starter for government

Get started today for free. Upload, preserve, organize and provide access to public records - in minutes

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UK government

See how Preservica is helping UK government institutions meet obligations for long-term records

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Corporate and business archives

Find out how Preservica is helping companies preserve business records and brand assets