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We Want to Know: #WhatDoYouPreserve?

October, known as Archives Month, leads us from World Electronic Records Day on October 10th to the broader celebration of World Digital Preservation Day on November 2nd, highlighting the importance and global impact of preserving our cultural heritage and digital assets.

October 10, 2023

Why should we prioritize digital preservation in today's world?

We have seen many cases where digital disasters and the fast pace of technological changes have hindered our capacity to preserve personal, organizational, and societal knowledge over time. Consider that only two decades after the tragic events of 9/11, some of the most iconic news footage from that moment in history has been lost forever.

Now think about the digital records being created today, documenting the unprecedented events and aftermath of the 2020 global pandemic. How much of this invaluable information will remain accessible to us and future generations in 30 years?

The mission of digital preservation is more essential than ever before – safeguarding our digital heritage for the generations that follow. Active Digital Preservation is the key to ensuring that digital assets, including images, videos, files and other digital content, remain accessible and readable indefinitely.

That’s why we want to know – What do you preserve? What lasting impression will your digital content leave on our future? What legacy are you committed to preserving?

Archives Month: Spotlighting Electronic Records and Building Towards World Digital Preservation Day

Every October, Archives Month serves as a vital platform not only for raising awareness about the significance of archives and the indispensable role of archivists but also for spotlighting specific aspects of archival work.

One of these is Electronic Records Day, supported by the Council of State Archivists (CoSA), which emphasizes the importance of electronic records in US state government agencies and beyond.

In an era where compliance, regulation, privacy and cybersecurity concerns are growing, organizations are increasingly recognizing the necessity of safeguarding long-term digital information. This underscores the importance of transitioning from traditional backup and archiving methods to embracing sound digital record-keeping practices, making Electronic Records Day a critical part of Archives Month's broader mission.

This buildup of awareness and recognition throughout Archives Month, culminating in the acknowledgment of the critical role of electronic records on Electronic Records Day, sets the stage for the grand finale: World Digital Preservation Day on November 2nd.

On this day, we collectively emphasize the importance of preserving our digital heritage in an ever-evolving digital landscape. It's a global reminder that effective digital preservation is not only crucial for maintaining our historical records but also for safeguarding our digital legacies for generations to come.


To celebrate Archives Month in October, Preservica invites you to take part in the #WhatDoYouPreserve social media campaign, spanning from October 16th to November 2nd, culminating in World Digital Preservation Day.

Now in its second year, the #WhatDoYouPreserve campaign aims to showcase archives and applaud the dedicated professionals who manage them while raising awareness about digital preservation.

The #WhatDoYouPreserve campaign goes hand in hand with the theme for this year’s World Digital Preservation Day – 'Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort’, which calls out the need for collaboration in the field and serves as a moment to celebrate the profound and positive influence of digital preservation.

You can participate by following two simple steps:

1. Create your post – Pick an image of your prized digital asset. Then, write a short description (reminder: 280 characters for X) of your item and why it’s important. For example, something that is:

  • visually interesting

  • rare or unique

  • relevant to contemporary social topics

  • or whatever is important to you

2. Post to LinkedIn, X, or Facebook

  • Add in the hashtag: Include #WhatDoYouPreserve and other relevant hashtags, such as your organization’s hashtag.

  • Share a link: Link to your public portal if available

  • Tag in others: (Optional) Tag two additional colleagues from your organization, a colleague at another organization, or a friend who you want to participate.

  • See what others are posting using the hashtag #WhatDoYouPreserve, and explore the amazing digital assets and collections that have been shared.

Ready to participate? Click here to learn more about how to share #WhatDoYouPreserve.

What Preservica is Preserving

Preservica's unique Active Digital Preservation technology is helping organizations around the world protect and re-use long-term digital information to make sure critical, high-value information can always be quickly found and actioned for FOI, compliance, legal, brand, knowledge reuse and cultural needs.

Here are some examples of the important work Preservica has been working on in 2023:

Last year's #WhatDoYouPreserve campaign, held during Archives Month, highlighted remarkable pieces from our community. Read more here to check out these memorable contributions or view all of last year's #WhatDoYouPreserve posts in the Community Hub.

Are you ready to embrace Active Digital Preservation? Learn more about how Preservica can help you secure and protect your valuable assets. Get in touch to learn more and remember to join us in celebrating digital preservation's profound impact on our world with #WhatDoYouPreserve.