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Digital Preservation:
A Concerted Effort

Happy World Digital Preservation Day – the Digital Preservation Coalition’s annual celebration of all things Digital Preservation! It’s a special day for the team at Preservica to recognize the importance of safeguarding our digital history and to reflect on the dynamic work taking place in the Digital Preservation community. This year the community has been busy sharing new innovations, research and best practices for Digital Preservation.

Preservica is celebrating this year’s WDPD theme, “Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort,” with two new blogs. The first blog highlights the seven principles from our Charter for Long-term Digital Preservation Sustainability. The second blog, written by Preservica Chief Innovation Officer, Jon Tilbury, delves into the evolving relationship and collaboration between Digital Preservation vendors and researchers.

And don’t miss out on the recap and collage from our What Do You Preserve campaign.

We’ve also provide some useful resources below­–make sure to check out our Digital Preservation 101 page and customer success stories!

Championing Data Sustainability: Preservica’s Commitment on World Preservation Day

Discover the pivotal role of data sustainability in preserving digital heritage on World Digital Preservation Day with our commitment and seven key sustainability principles.

Collaboration in Digital Preservation has evolved. As the relationship between vendors and research gains prominence, collaboration and the sharing of best practices will be essential.

In celebration of Archives Month we invited the community to showcase the great work being done to preserve amazing digital assets and collections. As a part of this celebration, we asked the community to show off some of its prized collections being future-proofed through Digital Preservation efforts using #WhatDoYouPreserve.

Customer Success Stories

Digital Preservation success stories from academic and government institutions. Learn how these organizations implemented a Digital Preservation strategy to make their digital archives accessible and future-ready.

Moore Theological College

City of Milwaukee

The Lawrenceville School

Digital Preservation 101

Everything you need to know about protecting your organization’s digital assets and ensuring accessibility in future-friendly formats.